At the turn of the year, Lizzo packed an absolute punch with the bold ‘Juice‘, a song so infectious that it [rightfully so] launched her into global stardom. In our eyes, it’s been somewhat frustrating it’s taken this long for the public to take note of Lizzo’s might in the industry, but she’s defintely here now, and with a record that needs you to sit up and take note.

Bruno Mars-esque in its approach, ‘Juice’ had (and has) all the marks for longevity, but don’t think that the rest of her new album ‘Cuz I Love You’ rests on its laurels. The title-track, released in February, gave us a more sensual look to the singer – an alt/big-band number that could easily have worked well as a Bond-soundtrack.

The record comes complete with further gems too. The Missy Elliott-collab ‘Tempo’ reminds listeners of Lizzo’s rap roots, whilst the Gucci Mane-featuring ‘Exactly How I Feel’ gives us a moment as equally as defining as ‘Juice’. Meanwhile the soaring ‘Heaven Help Me’ fuses the 30 year-old’s rap/soulful abilities to such perfection that you’ll be forgiven in thinking this is a complete record that’s potentially timeless.

Don’t think Lizzo’s selling point is just her wonderful charisma (to be honest, like Adele, we could watch her just talk for hours and still come away feeling fulfilled) – with ‘Cuz I Love You’, Lizzo has given us a powerful look into her topsy-turvey world, packaged up in 11 songs that leaves us salivating for more.

Listen in full below: