Maverick Sabre has returned with his long-awaited third studio album, ‘When I Wake Up’.

Opening with the soulful ‘Preach’, which questions the singer’s relationship with faith, the 13-song record comes alongside previous singles ‘Into Nirvana’ alongside the Jorja Smith-featuring ‘Slow Down’. Meanwhile, the politically-charged ‘Guns In The Distance’, which centres around a hard-hitting look toward war and gun violence, showcases Maverick’s striking ability to deliver commentary that the masses will identify with, whether from own experiences or those told in the press – “Ninety-five in a boat found drowned, twenty-six from a soldiers gun. There’s too many kids, many open coffins, tell me how all these wars been sponsored?”.

As with the album’s predecessor, 2015’s ‘Innerstanding‘, the Irish-born musician delivers a record which excellently blurs the lines across his varied influences of jazz, hip-hop, soul and reggae. It’s rare to hear an album that will engross you with every song, but ‘When I Wake Up’ will leave you hooked.

Listen below: