Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) has kicked off 2019 with his new EP, ‘Be On Fire’.

Taking the same all-inclusive, dreamily-realised approach that made last year’s self-titled debut project so enticing, the 5-song collection hears the producer layer together a multitude of sub-electric genres – an ’80s boogie groove is the bedrock of the title-track, whilst ‘Ultraviolet Rainbow’ sounds how you’d expect: rainbow-beam synths and bright-sparkling arpeggios, combined with a turbocharged hip-hop bounce. In comparison, ‘I Could Be The Voice Inside Your Head’ is woozy and relaxed, notes bending elastically in and out of shape, tinged with an air of melancholy.  

Lead single ‘In2 Your Love’ is a sandblast of synths, heavy-hitting drums and lo-fi 80s soul, inspired by the idiosyncratic demos of George Smallwood, whose music he’s become obsessed with since a friend recently introduced it to him, and whose sampled vocal served as the starting point for the track. Malvin’s hip-hop-indebted, energy-drenched style lights up his source material, paying homage to Smallwood’s freewheeling spirit, while turning it into something new. “The result is a track that I feel pays homage to an under appreciated musical gem and surrounds it with a breath of new spirit,” says Chrome.

Listen below in full: