Maribou State have released their new album ‘Kingdoms In Colour’, the band’s first full-length since 2015’s breakthrough debut project, ‘Portraits’.

Featuring previous singles ‘Feel Good’ – a collaboration born of their friendship with Houston-based trio Khruangbin; ‘Turnmills’ – aimed at raising awareness for the The Night Time Industries Association’s #SaveNightlife campaign to protect the UK’s most vulnerable music venues from closure; and continues their long-standing relationship with Holly Walker (vocalist on fan favourites ‘Steal’ and ‘Midas’) on most recent single ‘Nervous Tics’.

Inspired by the field recordings they made around the world while travelling and touring ‘Portraits’- the duo describe ‘Kingdoms In Colour’ as a “sonic collage”, drawing on ideas and sketches that were written and recorded in places in Asia, Australia, Morocco, America and beyond.

“The first album felt quite insular for us” says Maribou State’s Chris, “not just in sound, but literally that it was all written in The Shack. We always had a bigger idea of what we wanted it to be, we wanted to create something that was palpable, that could in some way transport you to another country or another place entirely in your mind”. “The idea with Maribou State was always to draw on influences from different parts of the world” adds Liam “by travelling, sampling, recording, we wanted to create this all-encompassing thing. Which is what this second record has ended up being for us”.

Grab a listen below: