Whilst many of today’s new breed of artists are pushing boundaries with their future-focused takes on electronica and soul, it takes someone brave to look to reinvent the wheels of old, and step back in time to reignite 80’s synth pop. However that’s exactly what Shura’s done – an artist who’s rarely been out of the blogging-sphere over the past couple of years, delivering nugget after nugget of early-Madonna esque gems, all with not only consistent quality, but also with an added charm of endearment and love for her UK fanbase.

All the roads have however led up to today, the release of Shura’s anticipated debut album Nothing’s Real. Featuring some of her most-notable hits to date (Touch, Indecision, and the impeccable 2Shy), the artist’s new project closes with the epic Space Tapes – a 9-minute experimental piece that seemingly showcases Shura’s wonderful production abilities.

This isn’t a review, more a piece to get you excited for what really is one heck of an accomplished debut – Shura really has hit the nail on its head with Nothing’s Real, and whilst 13 tracks may not seem like a full embodiment of over two years worth of work, it’s clear she’s saved the best for this collection.

Cop a listen to the full album below: