Shura has unveiled her new single ‘the stage’, the latest track to be lifted from her upcoming second album, ‘forevher’.

Intimate, unorthodox and affecting, ‘the stage’ switches between sensual, Minie Ripperton / Prince-inspired disco and ecstatic electronics, which work together to capture the tension (and possible release) of a potential new love. It’s that do-or-die moment which Shura drew direct experience from, having written ‘the stage’ – she says – “about my first date with my current girlfriend. I had travelled to NYC to go on it, so I was a little bit nervous as this was definitely THE most high stakes date I’d ever been on. I DM’d my friends MUNA who were playing a show the night that I arrived and asked them if they could get us both in, and they loved the concept of a first date at a MUNA gig. I wasn’t sure how the date was going until she took my hand whilst trying to lead me to a spot where I could see them play (i.e. basically nowhere in the venue as I’m too short!). Then I knew it was all going to be OK.””

Listen below; ‘forevher’ lands on 16th August: