Last year, Basement Jaxx shared a new World Cup-inspired version of their 2013 cut Mermaid of Salinas, retitled and upgraded as Mermaid of Bahia.

Today, as the Jaxx approach next month’s release of their upcoming Junto Remixed project, comes a new edit of the track, rejigged even more by Eden Prince. Remixes, particularly when it comes to reimaginations of Basement Jaxx cuts, often worry us – sometimes the original is just so good, you don’t want anything to ruin the dream it delivers on; fortunately though, Eden Prince has kept true to 2014’s single. There’s a slight injection of some electro-funk riffs in his edit, though all-in fully encapsulating what made both 2013 and last year’s sounds so carnvial-esque’ly enchanting!

Grab a listen to Mermaid of Bahia; Junto Remixed lands next month and can be preordered over on iTunes & Apple Music: