Following on from October’s release of his ‘comeback’ LP, Syro, Aphex Twin has opened up his Pandora Box of beats and thrown them onto a new Soundcloud page (this new account is official by the way – it seems previous efforts were either fan-led, or just ‘forgotten’).

**Update 10th November 2014: an additional 40+ beats and full-length pieces have been added onto Soundcloud**

Coinciding with the new account’s appearance, the electronic producer (real name Richard D James) has shared a wealth of unheard (or tweaked) material – mostly short cuts and synthetic stabs, however one piece massively stood out for us – Window Peeper.

Speaking to NoyzeLab, Window Peeper was apparently “made around 1987/1988 with a fucking qx21 sequencer&fz10m,101+quadraverb +home made mixer on breadboards, was a pretty cool mixer ,got some pics somewhere.. looked well techno it was 2 big breadboards slotted together and did some odd phasey stuff., before that i used to just twist all the wires together as a mixer! not many have tried that i don’t reckon, its actually a pretty unique way to get the cheapest compressor! That was my orig name b4 Aphex…. pbod, phonic boy on dope :)))”

Stream Window Peeper below; and hit the iTunes link to download Syro straight away. We’d also massively-recommend heading over to NoyzeLab for the full [first part] of their insightful interview and look into Aphex Twin’s world – it makes for some fantastic reading.