We’re all no strangers to the magnificence of Jessie Ware. She’s been simmering in the UK for the past year or so, and it seems that now she’s shooting herself all the way to the stars and stripes of the USA too. Described by the American press as a “British chanteuse” (Idolator.com), she made her American TV debut on Late Night With Jimmy Falllon last week and didn’t disappoint. She performed a stunning version of ‘Wildest Moments’ (backed by The Roots) , and proved why she’s one of the best female UK live acts out there right now. Nailing a performance on a US Chat Show is a great way to become a household name in the States, and I predict an Adele-style rise to stardom for her in 2013.

I was lucky enough to see her perform last year at an intimate in-store gig on New Bond Street, and was pleasantly struck by how humbled and modest she was. She seems like a genuinely nice girl, and I sincerely hope she takes the world by storm. It’s always a pleasure to see UK talent making it in the USA.