HMV may have gone into administration, but it seems that they’re still listening to what their customers are saying.

After the beleaguered chain fell foul of the interwebs and collapsed last week, administrators Deloitte announced today that as of Tuesday (22nd January), gift cards and vouchers will once again be redeemable instore.

This is great news for fans and customers alike; many of whom were given vouchers for Christmas. As announced in our last post regarding HMV’s demise (here), this bold move by Deloitte could potentially be the start of great things for the brand; specifically with the big labels willing to get behind the troubled retailer.

After last week’s collapse, consumer watchdogs called for laws to be changed for the redemption of gift vouchers when a firm going into liquidation… this could be another step in that direction.

I hope HMV survives this….