How to save money this summer festival season


It’s finally here… after what seems like an eternity away, the summer music festival season is upon us. From Wireless, to Leeds and Reading, Download and of course the biggie – Glastonbury – we’re all ready to get back into the party atmosphere once again.

But whilst we can breathe a sigh of relief that our beloved festivals are about to open their gates once more, we can’t but help realise that, thanks to soaring inflation, our wallets are going to be stretched more than many of us have ever experienced.

So, we thought we’d put together this quick guide on how to get the most for your money this season… note: we are going to be updating this post over the coming weeks with more deals as and when we find them, but we’ll also try and throw them on our Twitter too, so keep up-to-date there as well!

*Disclaimer: These offers are for UK residents only, and are correct at time of being published*

1. TopCashback
You may have seen all the TV ads floating around, but seriously – regardless of whether you’re buying things for festival season – or just life in general – don’t miss out on this one. There’s an absolute shed-ton of retailers on there, and the way we see it, even a couple of quid back from each sale all adds up (and basically will help pay for next year’s festival tickets).

Definitely one to sign up to, and use the links within the app whenever you’re buying anything from your chosen retailer.

Link: Click here to download


2. GoOutdoors
So, there’s some absolute BLINDERS of savings going on here. For those first-time festival goers, GoOutdoors will basically be your best friend. We may be preaching to the converted, but if you’re not a GoOutdoors member, sign up ASAP. It’s only £5 and the member savings you can instantly unlock are worth way more than that. (You should be able to add to your basket when you check out too so you can sign up during your transaction).

There’s a couple more savings to be had too. Head back to your TopCashBack app and click the link there to visit GoOutdoors – you can get up to 12.5% additionally back (on top of the member discounts) dependent on level of spend.

PLUS for a limited time (and at the time of writing), you can gain further discounts at GoOutdoors using the code 15OFF

3. Portable Urinals

Ok it’s not a money-saving thing – but Travel Johns are a definite purchase so you don’t get caught short in your tent in the middle of the night. We’ve scoured the web and at the time of writing, Amazon still seems to be the cheapest place to buy them. TravelJohns are perfect for gents – for the ladies try TravelJanes (but admittedly we haven’t tested these).

Link: Buy here

4. Nokia

Yep, Nokia still make phones. They’ve even remade the classic 3310 and 6310. So if you need a basic phone that’s going to have battery that’ll last you for most of the festival, then you can pick them up direct from Nokia for around £50-£60.

If you’re looking for a something a bit more high-tech, the Nokia XR20 smartphone looks super sturdy so likely to withstand festival mud and rain. And the G21 is even cheaper, PLUS a 3 day battery life too. We’ve also secured some discounts for you too, so use the following codes when buying:
– Nokia 3310: £10 off with code Festival10
– Nokia 6310: £10 off with code Festival10
– Nokia Clarity Earbuds: £20 off with code Festival20

Link: Click here to visit Nokia’s UK store


Need some new clothes (be it festival-wear or life outside the field)? – then ASOS obviously has you covered. With TopCashBack you can gain a further 2-8% cash back too (dependent on whether you’re a new or existing customer).

For the love of god though, clothes are likely to be ruined at festivals, so keep that in mind when you purchase your new threads.

6. Trolleys

If you’re heading to Glastonbury, and driving, be prepared for a bit of a trek from the car park, so a trolley is highly recommended. Be cautious though – you’ll need a trolley with large pneumatic wheels as otherwise it’ll likely make it past the car park itself.

Finding discounts on these are pretty rare, but here’s our pick of the bunch from Amazon:

1. 4-wheel tipper trolley: £79 – fairly sturdy; can be a bit tricky to put together, but can hold a huge amount of weight. Selling fast:
2. VonHaus Garden Trolley/Cart: £99 – super sturdy, can hold up to 300kg of weight. Expensive, but seems to be a long-lasting trolley you can use time-and-time again.