Noel Gallagher to release unheard Oasis song ‘Don’t Stop’

Source: Oasis Facebook. Photo Credit: Stefan De Batselier

Noel Gallagher has announced plans to release an unheard Oasis song, after unearthing a batch of demos at home during his time in lockdown.

In a statement posted on his official Twitter, Gallagher revealed he thought the song (titled ‘Don’t Stop’) had initially “been lost forever”.

He wrote:

“Hey there dudes and dollies. Like the rest of the world, I’ve had infinite time to kill lately so I thought I’d finally look and find out what was actually on the HUNDREDS of faceless unmarked CD’s I’ve got lying around in boxes at home. As fate would have it, I have stumbled across an old demo which I thought had been lost forever.”

Even better, Gallagher also confirmed that ‘Don’t Stop’ will be shared with fans… TONIGHT (30th April).

Check the full statement below: