After appearing together during their surprise show at London’s Moth Club last week, the Foo Fighters were reunited with Rick Astley earlier tonight, bringing the 80s icon to the Reading Festival stage as the band’s special guest.

Performing a rock rendition of Astley’s classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, frontman Dave Grohl initially opened the performance with fans expecting him to play a Nirvana song. “Some of you may know that Reading Festival holds a very special place [in my heart]” he said. “This is the first big festival I ever played in my life when I was 22-years-old, in 1991. It was a long time ago… “I thought tonight we’ll do something special for you that pays tribute to a song that brings us way back in time. It’s maybe the reason why I’m here tonight headlining main stage. If you know it you can bounce around to it.”

Watch the crowd go wild, below: