Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno has announced his new solo project, The S.L.P., whilst hooking up with Little Simz for ‘Favourites’, the first song from his newly-formed outfit.

Premiered as Annie Mac’s latest Hottest Record, Serge’s new foray comes after a year of absorbing new sounds away from Kasabian’s rock heritage. Last year, he revealed he was enjoying time exploring other sonics – “I’m just collecting and enjoying not having any plans at the moment,. Just listening. Just seeing what’s out in the world. Sometimes it’s nice just to listen and not say anything. The world at the moment is a pretty slippery character, and everything is moving at a pace that’s never been seen before. I’m just enjoying getting back into listening to music. Back in the day I would dig for beats, now I sort of dig for hooks and ideas. I’ll flick through streams and think: ‘I like that 10 seconds’ and record it, and accumulate them, so now I have this library of things.”

Listen to ‘Favourites’ below: