Robyn’s ‘Between The Lines’ gets reworked by one of house music’s greatest pioneers. Grammy award winner and one half of the incredible Masters At Work duo, alongside Kenny Dope, Louie Vega is without doubt royalty in the realms of house music.

Louie’s take on ‘Between The Lines’ is a chunky, full-bodied, rolling house workout. A pulsating stabbed chord line runs throughout the track alongside rumbling bass and beautifully mixed percussion. It is clear he is still heavily influenced by his Latin roots as he uses organic instruments and textures to create a signature live swing. However, it is the delicate use of reverb and delay on the various panned vocal samples which really bring the track to life, creating a communicative form of expression between the separate layers, as if they are all talking together.

Silky smooth stuff from Vega – listen below: