After releasing her atmospheric debut ‘MY2’ back in early-summer, newcomer TS Graye has closed off the year with another exciting cut, ‘Honestly’.

Featuring co-productions from Louis Mattrs and GRADES, ‘Honestly’ tells of the tribulations of young love, particularly being mistreated in a relationship. “Honestly is about being in love with someone in spite of how they treat you” explains the 18 year-old Graye – “Even though other people don’t approve of you staying in a relationship, and can point to times when your partner has lied to you or treated you badly, you make excuses for that person, because you see them through different eyes. They have always been the way they are, and you have always known it, but you accept that they’ll never change and that you love them for it anyway. It’s an explanation rather than an apology — sometimes love is based on something so deep that you can’t explain.”

Grab a listen below: