Not one for understated surprises, Eminem has followed on his recent album ‘Kamikaze‘ with a new freestyle, filmed as his “old stomping ground” of The Shelter at St. Andrew’s in Detroit.

Featuring solely Em in front of a camera, the rapper shared the visual by revealing the production of his recent movie ‘Bodied’ drove in an element of nostalgia into freestyling and rap battles.

Poking fun at other artists toward, the 11-minute clip also hears a more serious side of Eminem as he references last year’s suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena. “Like an Islamic regime, a jihadist extreme radical – suicide bomber that’s seeing Ariana Grande sing her last song of the evening. And as the audience from the damn concert is leaving, detonates the device strapped to his abdominal region. I’m not gonna finish that for obvious reasons.”

Watch below: