Icarus have teamed up with London trio Real Lies for their new single ‘Man of the Land’, the follow-up to last month’s ‘Echoes‘.

Set to join its predecessor on the duo’s forthcoming EP ‘This Must Be The Place’ (due out 30th November), ‘Man of the Land’ delivers a more cinematic look at Icarus’ versatility, and follows their upcoming project more conceptual focus.

“The theme of this EP is based around always moving from one place to the next, or running away as well as the thoughts, feelings and emotions which come from living this way” say Icarus. “There are moments of feeling free from being tied down and having endless possibilities. But there’s also a loneliness and anxiety that comes from simply moving on rather than addressing your problems. It’s not about making a judgment on people who are in that situation, it’s just an exploration of a yin-and-yang lifestyle.”

Listen to ‘Man of the Land’ below: