The past week has placed Beyonce fans in a spin after cryptic teasers started to appear online under the guise of #RoseIVYou.

Originally rumoured to be a new collaborative project between Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, it now seems that this could indeed be something a lot bigger, and a full-on Beyonce album in itself!

Here’s all the facts broken down:

1. On 1st October, the official ‘Everything Is Love’ Instagram account posted a mysterious countdown


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2. 5 days later (6th October), the same account then shared a picture of a lowly rose.

3. On the same day, Everything Is Love then followed a new account, ‘roseivyou‘. The importance of this? Well previously EIL had only ever followed two profiles – TIDAL and Beyonce. ‘roseivyou’ is now the third.

4. Initially, that new account had only followed Beyonce and Kelly.

5. Both accounts then remained inactive until four days ago (15th October), where a short clip (including audio) was shared of the earlier rose blooming.


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Rose IV You 🌹

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6. On the same day, ‘roseivyou’ then followed Nicki Minaj and TIDAL.

7. Three days on, a further short video was shared; this seems like a short from a new music video.


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Now THIS is where it gets interesting:

8. ‘roseivyou’ now starts following the official Netflix US account. Note: Beyonce’s ‘LEMONADE’ was cited as a feature special on HBO, prior to the announcement of a full album.

9. Today (19th October), the account posts a further cryptic video on its Instagram Story. The video reads ‘’. Beyonce grew up at 3346 Parkwood Drive in Harris County, Texas.

10. Side note: Frank Ocean reactivates his Instagram account.

11. ‘roseivyou’ follows Frank; the favour is returned.

12. Frank then posts an Instagram Story of Beyonce, pointing to the ‘roseivyou’ account.

If we’re speculating anything, we reckon this could well be another Beyonce album, alongside features (Frank, Kelly, Nicki…) and a Netflix movie special.

More as we hear it!