Nicki Minaj has shared her colourful new video for ‘Barbie Dreams’, the latest visual lifted from her new album, ‘Queen’.

Revealed hours after appearing on the latest episode of her Queen Radio show (where she subsequently provided her own side of the story regarding her recent confrontation with Cardi B), the ‘Barbie Dreams’ clip sees Nicki appear alongside puppet reinterpretations of the likes of DJ Khaled, Kanye West, Drake and 6ix9ine.

Upon last month’s release of ‘Queen’, Nicki publically took to Twitter to stress that ‘Barbie Dreams’ was not meant to offend any of her contemporaries name-checked in the song – “I only mentioned people in ‘Barbie’s Dream’ that I fuck with,” she wrote. “This isn’t a diss. Yikes. This is Biggie! New York! This is fun. Light hearted fun FUN.”

Watch the video below: