The past 18 months (or so) have been pretty-exciting for Gorillaz fans. No less than sharing their first new record in 7 years with ‘Humanz’ last April, Damon Albarn and co then shared their surprise follow-up ‘The Now Now’ in June of this year.

But that’s not all Albarn has in store for the band either.

In a recent interview with Austria’s Radio FM4, Damon teased further music from his animated band, whilst also confirming an upcoming release for his other now-reunited side-project, The Good, The Bad and The Queen.

When discussing his work with Gorillaz, the Blur-frontman said “I have another [Gorillaz album] as well, but I know I’m not gonna be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year. In October, after I play in America, I’ll be starting The Good, The Bad & The Queen again. It’s there. If I get the time, or if anyone wants it, it’s there”

Grab a listen to the full interview below – Damon speaks of new Gorillaz material around the 6-minute mark.