Beyonce will reportedly ‘switch up a couple of things’ as she prepares for her second Coachella set this coming weekend.

In an interview with Variety, Jo’Artis Mijo Ratti who served as one of Beyonce’s dancers at Week 1 of Coachella confirmed “Yeah, we’re switching up a couple things, so there could still be a wow factor,”.

The interview, which can be read here, also goes behind the scenes at the immense amount of preparations that went into Beyonce’s show-stopping performance. “We did like 10-to-14 hour days. That was very similar to the Madonna situation and really coming to work fully prepared to dance. Some jobs you might chill — craft services, read a book, hop on your phone — for a couple hours, but not while we were there [with Beyonce]. We were getting put to use with ideas, fitting, wardrobe, video blocking. It could be really overwhelming, but luckily, it wasn’t my first rodeo.” said Mijo Ratti.

Beyonce’s first Coachella headline set saw surprise appearances from Jay-Z, Solange and also Destiny’s Child. There’s no word yet whether they will reappear for Weekend 2, however Coachella organisers have confirmed that her second set would not be live-streamed on YouTube.

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