We’ve been keeping a close eye on Luke Burr for a good few years now, having seen him perform at many of the London nightspots that seems the launchpad for many of today’s shining chart-recruits. It may have been a long journey but today finally sees the release of the 22 year-old’s excellent debut single ‘Too Far Gone’.

Described as “a lovelorn track draped across expansive production”, Luke tells us that the song “was written when I was questioning something a lot. But knowing that I’ve given so much to it and love it far too much to ever give it up… For me “Too Far Gone” is about not giving up. It’s a feeling where you’ve given so much to something that you can’t ever walk away”.

Keep a close eye on this one – a song that starts off as a somewhat slowjam encapsulates into an ethereal sub-futuretronic experience, brought back to the ground by Luke’s smooth soulful vocals.

Listen below: