N.E.R.D. are highly-speculated to be releasing new music tomorrow, following mysterious posters appearing across key cities since the start of the week.

The imagery, which reads N.E.R.D.’s acronym No_One Ever Really Dies has added further hype with both Pharrell Williams and Beats 1’s Zane Lowe hinting at a secret new song having its first play tomorrow (Wednesday 1st November)

The speculation doesn’t stop there, though – several music forums have been piecing parts of the web together, potentially leading to the new N.E.R.D. track hearing a collaboration with Rihanna. Users on LipstickAlley have noticed Rihanna and Pharrell both leaving a video shoot around the same time, with 24/7 Pop Culture also seeming to confirm the shoot too.

Exciting times ahead! Keep locked tomorrow where we’ll be bringing the full story as and when we have it.


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