With Glastonbury taking a break until 2019, we thought we’d at least be able to rest for a moment before the rumours started swirling in. No such luck though – some news has just hit which could have the potential to make Glastonbury 2019 (or even 2020) massively exciting. Having been on fans’ wishlists for years, it appears that things are moving ever-closer for Fleetwood Mac to finally take their place among some of the greats on the Pyramid Stage.

Speaking to the Daily Express earlier today, Mick Fleetwood hinted “You will be satisfied one day!”, adding “One day we’ll just get on a plane and come over and do it

“We have been asked several times to do it and it is only really been through circumstances that we’ve declined. I personally feel it will be a great thing to do…. My elder sister lives very close to the landowner and I am telling you how close we got to doing it…. She said he came over and got to know her and basically said ‘Give me Mick’s number’. He wasn’t really the promoter and he was trying to do it through the back door!”

However, whilst the news itself could be exciting, it still deems the price of the performance before anything gets signed. Last year, Michael Eavis told NME that Fleetwood Mac’s non-appearance to-date has been down to the cost of getting the group on stage. “Adele did it for less, Rolling Stones did it for a reasonable rate,” he told the publication, adding “We can’t afford to spend £4-5m on people to play. Mick Fleetwood said he would do it himself, but come on. I’d like the rest of the band and they all want to be paid a lot of money.”

Further information on future headliners (or even performances) have been thin on the ground, as expected, however at the turn of the month, rumours of another Glastonbury headliner started doing the rounds…. this time Madonna.

More Glasto news as we hear it.