Original Dodger, aka the original duo behind Artful Dodger, have revealed their first piece of new music in almost 15 years.

Featuring Daecolm, P Money and Davinche, Millionaire marks a return to the soulful 2-step groove that made Mark and Pete’s original success so deserved back in the early-2000s.

“Millionaire combines all our favourite elements in one tune, a typical Dodger bass-line and drums with a great Lyrical concept, hook and melodies from Daecolm and Davinche and P. Money tops it all off with an unbelievable flow.” says Mark, with Pete adding “from the minute Daecolm sung the hook we knew we were onto something. It has a really positive message; be yourself, don’t try to impress people and work hard”.

Original Dodger will be revealing new music throughout the summer, culminating in the impending release of their 11-track mixtape, aptly-titled Soundtrack.

Listen below: