It may be 18 months old, but Wilkinson’s Afterglow is still such a playlist-fixture that the British producer probably needn’t have worried about creating anything else new for a while. Thankfully though, he has, and Wilkinson has now delivered the soulful / DnB-fuelled Hopelessly Coping, his first major release since last year’s Naughty Boy-collaboration Pardon Me.

Featuring vocal assistance from Zimbabwe-born singer Thabo Mkwananzi (whom you may remember from Professor Green’s Not Your Man), Hopelessly Coping is straight-up ready-for-the-charts kinda stuff – it’s as radio-friendly as modern-day DnB could probably get, yet still has that err of underground presence surrounding it. If this what’s to come from Wilkinson’s forthcoming full-length follow-up to Lazer’s Not Included, then new music couldn’t come any quicker!

Hopelessly Coping lands in early-May and can be preordered via the iTunes link; stream the track in all its glory below: