Charli XCX has followed up Boom, Clap, with impressive new single Break The Rules.

Confirmed to appear on her upcoming album Sucker, (set to land 20th October), Break The Rules is a strong alt-pop/rock song that once again shows Charli’s strength as an all-round vocalist, a stark about-turn from the track’s predecessor.

Speaking to Buzzfeed (who premiered the track yesterday), the singer said of Break The Rules, “The song is inspired by a lot of the things I was listening to whilst in Sweden at the end of last year…. I spent about a month making a punk record and covering songs by Swedish punk bands like Snuffed By The Yakuza and stuff. This song was written when I came out of the other side of that punk phase and translated it into something more pop. Obviously, it’s about not giving a fuck.”

Stream Break The Rules below, and hit the iTunes link to preorder Sucker, now: