2014 is now cemented as the year of grime… that’s in our eyes anyway, but surely no-one can deny that we’ve had some belters of tunes this year. Be it German Whip (which quickly became THE defining underground anthem of the spring/summer), or even the Don’t Waste My Time‘s or the That’s Not Me‘s (to name but a few), this year has definitely seen a second coming of the darker genre, and finally, the scene could not be healthier.

The issue that grime has faced since it’s initial appearance onto the scene over a decade ago, has been the lack of any concrete foundations to support such a quick rise. The music was often of top quality, with some strong producers out there experimenting further into how far the genre could go… unfortunately it seemed though that the outlets to let this music be heard just weren’t around. Fast-forward to 2014 however, and the likes of YouTube, Soundcloud, as well as the continued support of 1Xtra have ultimately led to the fresh revival of the genre.

It’s with that gratitude then, that on Wednesday evening, Dizzee Rascal, BBK, Jammer, Lethal Bizzle, Tempa T, Fekky, Footsie & General Levy all graced Mistajam’s evening show for the first ever Grime Takeover on #SixtyMinutesLive. This is SERIOUS stuff!

It’s also serious NSFW shit too… but if you’re a lover of grime, this may just take things to the next level!!