British grime MC Kozzie has followed up the brilliant Doing It Alone with the infectious When I’m Doing It.

The track, the second cut from Kozzie’s upcoming EP Koz The Kid 2 (set to drop 7th July), sees the rapper drop some strong bars over the kind of beat that seems to have been removed from the genre for far too long.

2014 seems to show some form of resurgence in grime (take German Whip and Don’t Waste My Time as clear examples), however over the last decade we’ve seen multiple other genres develop and evolve – When I’m Doing It sets clear precedence on the direction a modern grime track should focus; a strong (and memorable beat), with clear concise diction. It may not be as ‘angry’ as other cuts from the genre have sounded, but When I’m Doing It does add sophistication, and can therefore only add to the opportune of grime further denting the mainstream.

Basically, to sum up, When I’m Doing It is good…. really good, and leaves high hopes for the EP.

Watch the full video below, and hit the iTunes link to preorder strong>Koz The Kid 2