The title pretty much says it all; over the years we’ve seen (and heard) some pretty momentous collaborations, though alas it seems many just never made it into the ears of the public.

Check out some of the best collaborations out there over the past decade and as always let us know your thoughts!

Nâdiya & Kelly Rowland – No Future In The Past
French R&B singer Nadiya’s 2008 collaboration Kelly Rowland was the intended first release from the former’s fifth studio LP Électron Libre. Unfortunately only creating buzz in her hometown, the track is a stormer, a pure pop/R&B anthem over a heavy beat! Check it out below:

Wale & Lady Gaga – Chillin’
One of Gaga’s early collaborations was with US rapper Wale. Chillin’, the lead single from the latter’s debut album Attention Deficit, featured heavy samples from Steam’s late-1960’s hit Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. Whilst the track seems to sell varied amounts across the globe, a majority of the non-commercial listening occurred when listeners originally though it was M.I.A. on the vocals. Take a listen below:

William Orbit & Sugababes – Spiral
Taken from Orbit’s ninth studio album Hello Waveforms, Spiral hears Sugababe 2.0 vocals back to their best; an ambient ballad which drives strength of the harmonies between Mutya, Keisha and Heidi. It’s still a firm favourite of ours all these years on:

Usher & Ludacris – Dat Girl Right There
Originally set to be included in Usher’s fifth album Here I Stand, the R&B singer’s first collaboration with Yeah! partner Ludacris on Dat Girl Right There was unfortunately left off the record, particularly due to its leak in 2007. Its insane beat and brilliant rapping by Luda make this a real hidden treasure (and one we’re sure both artists regret not being see the light of day).

Nas & Keri Hilson – Hero
Alas not really charting anywhere substantially globally, Hero was actually the lead track off Nas’ 2008 untitled album. A collaboration with Timbaland protege Keri Hilson, the track was a surprising choice for Nas, being more focused to a pop/R&B market than anything else. Still however, with a serious beat and Hilson’s wonderful vocals, it’s a hidden gem.

Marina and The Diamonds & Charli XCX – Just Desserts
Released out the blue earlier this year, Just Desserts was an unique collaboration between Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX, in preparation for their joint North American tour. Unveiled as a free download, the track isn’t the greatest you’ll hear by both camps on their own, however together it all just works!

Anthony David & India Arie – Words
A wonderful down-tempo ballad between two stunning inclusions into the urban landscape; Words was taken from [Anthony] David’s brilliant third album Acey Duecy. His gravely voice launches the song, followed by Arie’s additions from the second verse. It’s simply beautiful, and heartfelt too (the pair are best friends – check out their live performance of the track to understand the adulation between the two).

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars
Originally falling part of Australian singer/songwriter Guy Sebastian’s Armageddon album, Battle Scars, a strong duet with US rapper Lupe Fiasco, later appeared on Fiasco’s 2012 LP, Food & Liquor II. The track works incredibly well to show the massive ranges of both the artists involved (as well as Fiasco’s unbelievably on-point vocals).