Though this is a blog primarily around new music, I’ve just stumbled upon something that may be of interest to some of our readers (it is to me at least!)

A new musical, entitled ‘Streets Project’ (and based on 2011’s infamous, and unfortunate, London riots) is currently in production. In essence, think Kidulthood with a soundtrack and dance.
What promises to be not only an exciting and fresh take on modern theatre, ‘Streets Project’ has strong backing by some leading names. Produced by director Adam Boland, the project (which will have its residency at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone) is accompanied by an original score (by Finn Anderson) and tells the tale of a group of friends around the time of the devastating riots.
Teasing the plotline, co-writer of the Streets Project book, Tori Allen-Martin, says:
‘We are products of our environment, and there are reasons we make the choices we do. We are all so quick to judge each others actions, but what if you were faced with something unimaginable. Behind every closed door there is a story, we wanted to delve into that, look at an end result and work backwards, what factors caused it, what was inevitable, what could have been different, when did the beginning become the end?’
With the choreography (led by Kamilah Beckles and Ryan-Lee Seager) expected to be a fusion of hip-hop and contemporary, this could actually turn out to be one of the very few ‘cool’ musicals out there.
We’re hoping to get hold of the official video in a couple of days, however in the interim, check out the project’s official website here. Tickets are available now, with the show opening 4th April.