I first laid ears on Jakwob probably around the same time as many others – his remix of Ellie Goulding’s  ‘Starry Eyed’ is still, to this day, a firm favourite. A sheer of work art; fusing deep dubstep with a soulful tone – simply wonderful. He then followed this theme, albeit mellowing down the dubstep tones, with ‘Right Beside You’ (ft Smiler); another track that gets many a play on my various Spotify playlists.

This morning, Mr James Jacob graced t’internets with his next self-penned track (and hopefully one for the debut album), collaborating with Maiday on ‘Fade’. This is beautiful. Like ‘Right Beside You’, he’s really mellowed the dubstep and has released (or actually, set to release in March) a sound which harks back to the mid-90s. Taking more of a leaf out of Massive Attack (think ‘Unfinished Sympathy’), as well as The Source ft Candi Statton’s classic ‘You’ve Got The Love’, this follow-up to 2012’s ‘Blinding’ fuses cinematic percussion and piano with some chilled D&B. You’ll get what I mean when you listen to it [below].

The track’s set to be released on 18th March (preorder here).