Kanye West seems to have been full of false promises of late (no less than ‘confirming’ the release of his new album ‘YANDHI’ for the weekend, with it subsequently failing to materialise) – however he kept to his word when he said he’ll be gracing the TMZ offices today, and he’s given us even more insight into the delay of the record, alongside clarifying his intention when he said he wanted to ‘abolish’ the 13th Amendment.

Discussing with TMZ staff about why ‘YANDHI’ failed to see a release, Ye simply responded with “I didn’t finish it”. He added “a person from my management staff, our management staff, had suggested because the album is so good, it’s my…I started incorporating sounds that you never heard before and pushing it, and having like, concepts that people don’t, you know, talk about.”

But he did delve further into what fans can expect to hear on the new record when it lands in November“We have concepts talking about body shaming, and women being looked down upon for how many people that they slept with. It’s just a full Ye album and those five albums I dropped earlier were like…superhero rehabilitation. And now the alien Ye is fully back in mode, off the medication, working out, breathing as much fresh air as possible. Thinking, doing, being himself.” Kanye also promised that when ‘YANDHI’ does finally arrive, it’ll be a “full Ye” record.

Later on in the TMZ chat, he clarified the 13th Amendment statement he controversially made following his SNL appearance. “What I wanna say is, ‘abolish’ was the wrong language” he explained, “I misspoke by saying ‘abolish.’ ‘Amend’ is the right language.”

Check the full interview below: