Leftwing & Kody haven’t really had a quiet day since they first burst onto the scene back in 2012 – consistently delivering either strong original pieces of music, or spellbinding remixes for others, the duo’s energy is completely carried across to their artwork, and it’s their own music we’re bringing you today as L&K share their new Carnival EP ahead of Friday’s release.

The project, Leftwing & Kody’s follow-up to their early-2015 collection One Nation, delivers where its predecessor left off – three tracks differing, yet complimenting each other with snarling bass underpinned by some head-nodding techno. However, Carnival is still a 100% house arrangement.

We stupidly failed to make it down to any of their live DJ sets this year – something we’re sure we’re going to rectify in future months. In the meantime, stream Carnival in full below – hit the iTunes and Aaple Music links for the preorder too!