The Cinematic Orchestra have shared their new single ‘Wait For Now’.

Lifted off their latest record ‘To Believe’, the heartfelt song hears TCO connect with soul singer Tawiah (who has worked with Mark Ronson, Wiley and Blood Orange), and comes alongsdie two new remixes – a rework from Mary Lattimore (Thurston Moore/Kurt Vile/Jarvis Cocker), and a remix of the album’s title-track by New York-based producer Anthony Naples.

Tawiah (whose own debut album arrives on 18th October via First Word Records, an exploration of her identity as a queer woman of colour raised in a Pentecostal family) says of the track “For me it’s about freeing yourself, not letting fear dictate your life and living in the now. I also think this crazy journey called life that we are on is to be shared, we all mess up “guilt + pain has made me honest once again” confronting that and communicating will always make a peak situation not feel as overwhelming. It’s all about a safe space with people that vibrate on your frequency.”

Dominic Smith said of Tawiah’s feature, “The lyrics as with everybody (on To Believe), discuss concepts about engaging with consciousness. Tawiah took that concept into both a personal and universal place, which was the most we could have hoped for, it’s visceral, micro and macro.”

Listen to ‘Wait For Now’ below: