After years of delivering some top-class upbeat futuretronic (including last year’s ‘Better Together‘), Australian producer Hayden James is back with new music, and he’s also detailed his long-awaited debut album too.

Announced earlier today, James’ studio debut ‘Between Us’ will arrive on 14th June via the burgeoning Future Classic imprint, a label which has cultivated the producer since his arrival on the scene back in 2013.

In celebration of the record, Hayden has also shared the project’s lead single, ‘Nowhere To Go’. Featuring NAATIONS, James shares the fluidity of making such a song – “I met Nicky & Nat (NAATIONS) last year in LA” he said – “I played them a bunch of demos I’d been working on and one just clicked. I’d written it the night before and Nat & Nicky came with an incredible top line that just fit perfectly! This song has always had a big summer vibe for me, I feel a sense of freedom and hope and the notion of ‘you only live once’ so make the most of it… “we ain’t got no better place to go, doesn’t matter cause I know you”.

Listen below: