After confirming Paul McCartney‘s upcoming appearance at 2020’s 50th anniversary edition of Glastonbury Festival, founder Michael Eavis has given further insight into what to expect for this year’s event, including issues that have forced some of the world’s biggest acts to still not take the helm of the coveted Pyramid Stage.

Speaking to BBC Points West news (10th April), Eavis revealed that Queen won’t be making an appearance at the festival anytime soon. “We had a whole row with Brian May about the badgers – do you remember all that?” he told Clinton Rogers, citing differences in opinion on the matter of culling on farms.

Eavis also confirmed that Fleetwood Mac were still too expensive to fall part of the line-up – “the bottom line is, will they do it for the rate we can afford? Not at the moment, no” he said.

Discussing 2019 plans, Eavis confirmed the return (and the expansion) of its Cineramageddon area which debuted during the 2017 edition of the festival, whilst also confirming new additions, including a mock sea-front pier and a Romeo & Juliet stage, which will see works of Shakespeare performed nightly.

You can watch the full interview over on BBC Points West here, around the 4:25-mark.


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