Octo Octa, aka NYC-based DJ/producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison, has announced her new ‘For Lovers’ EP.

Set for release in March, the project comes preceded by the simply-stunning lead joint, ‘I Need You’, a song which perfectly continues the story of last year’s excellent ‘Devotion’ EP.

The song, which will open ‘For Lovers’, has been described as “a bold declaration regarding [Octo Octa’s] need for love during a delicate time of rapid change”. Written on an extended tour spent alone, this radiant breakbeat love letter is the first vocal performance Maya has recorded in many years, and the first since her gender transition. It features the voice of a woman who has been through an intense personal struggle, and through that process come to a place of understanding that she is not alone. That the people in her life – her friends, her family, and her polyamorous lovers – are, and have been, essential to her process of self-acceptance and becoming.

Grab a listen in full below – two further songs (‘Bodies Meld Together’ and ‘Loops For Healing’) will join ‘I Need You’ when ‘For Lovers’ lands on 1st March: