Over the weekend, The 1975 marked their return to London by performing a handful of shows at the capital’s O2 Arena.

Covering songs spanning their first two records, alongside their acclaimed third studio project ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’), the four-piece’s nigh-on-two-hour set delivered a thrilling example as to why they’re worthy of a headline slot at pretty much any global festival. The staging was immaculate, with inventive production helping to gloriously mimic their various visuals over the past few years (including a sideways travellator that helped Matty replicate the band’s now-synonymous ‘Sincerity Is Scary’ clip).

If you missed out, someone managed to stay pretty still to capture the whole concert in its entirety. God knows how long it’ll stay online for, but if you’re interested in seeing a band still on its way up (and put even the biggest popstars to shame), then sit back and catch the full show below:


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