Alessia Cara has given us a further glimpse of her new direction, sharing ‘Not Today’ ahead of the release of her upcoming second album ‘The Pains of Growing’ later this month.

Premiered as Zane Lowe’s recent Beats 1 World Record, the self-described ‘heartbreak anthem’ follows on from last month’s ‘Trust My Lonely’ – “‘Not Today’ was one of the last songs I actually wrote for the record” she tells Lowe, “Something happened to me that made me write a lot of new songs,” she said. “I went through the end of a relationship, and just really, really bad terms. So the song to me was like that grieving period in the middle of healing, I guess, or the moment or the period of time before you actually get to the healing stage.”

‘The Pains of Growing’, which lands on 30th November, comes three years on from her debut record ‘Know It All’. Watch the lyric video for ‘Not Today’, below: