After spending the past six years delivering their answer to the future of electronica, Bondax have finally released their ambitious debut album, ‘Revolve’.

Spanning across a wealth of global soundscapes, the 10-track record is as eclectic as it is delicate – honing an evolution of a genre is no easy feat, but Bondax have shown that they fully understand what makes today’s electronic audiences tick, and firmly deliver various takes of futuretronica within the project.

“The idea of our circadian clock sits at the centre of ‘Revolve'” say Bondax’s Adam and George in explaining their new album “each track reflects a different moment in a single day which allowed us to explore the eclectic range of styles that have influenced us over the years. Like our earlier releases, many of the tracks were first recorded back at home, but we took inspiration from our travels across the world to build on them, featuring organic recordings from our favourite places in some tracks.”

Listen below: