Over the past few years, it seems Tourist has crafted a knack of having his finger on the pulse throughout every movement of the electronic scene. From the calming ‘Run’ to the more uptempo, psychedelic ‘Foolish’ (both from 2016’s ‘U’), it’s clear the producer knows how to strike the right balance between sofa-surfing and dancefloor-havening, and today he errs more to the latter with his new single ‘Apollo’.

Promised earlier in the week, the new song follows last year’s four-tracker ‘Wash EP, and delivers a more expansive look in the world of electronica. There’s elements of ‘soft trance meets murky 3am light-shows’ here, but ultimately the beauty lies within the vibrant, delicate beat. For DJ’s, it may not be the easiest track to initially beat-match with (the first half of the song, specifically, finds little in the way of a steady clap), but ‘Apollo’ shines after the 2:20-mark where Tourist’s own production versatilities, and knowledge of futuristic and vibrant textures, totally come through.

Listen below and let us know your thoughts: