Hold tight, we now officially have less than 24 hours to wait until ‘that announcement’ for tickets for next year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Confirming to an eager attendee on Twitter moments ago, festival-curator Emily Eavis revealed that “All the information will be with you tomorrow”.

Based on previous years, we can assume a likely date around Sunday 7th October for general release, with coach tickets presumably available three days prior. However we’ll have to wait for the official word from the Eavis family themselves before jumping to conclusions.

Over the past couple of weeks, Glastonbury organisers have been reminding previous ticket-holders to update their photograph alongside their registration details. In an email alert, they have said “Before ticket information for the 2019 Festival is released, we’re asking everyone with a registration photograph over two years old to update their registration photo, as digital photo technology has improved considerably since we first introduced registration for Glastonbury tickets in 2007.” You can update your details here.

Glastonbury 2019 will run from 26 Jun 2019 – 30 June.


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