Kokiri returns four months on from ‘Pyramids’, teaming up with Canadian vocalist Dragonette for the vibrant ‘Faith In Love’.

A track that’s likely to be a huge dancefloor staple as we zoom straight into autumnal clubland, ‘Faith In Love’ could well be counted as one of the Liverpudlian producer’s finest outputs.

“Sometimes as an artist, you find yourself listening to a vocal over and over, desperate to find some inspiration at 3am on the 46th listen. This wasn’t the case for ‘Faith In Love'” says Kokori, adding “as soon as I heard the vocal, I knew exactly how I wanted this track to sound. I wanted to create an ethereal feel to mirror the emotional context of the lyrics. I wanted the track to subtly build up in energy and then surprise the listener by having a drop that contradicts the delicacy of the lyrics.”

Grab a listen below: