It’s been a long-time-coming, but Ben Khan’s long-awaited foray into album-mode has finally arrived.

His self-titled debut effort, announced with his surprise return back in April, delivers everything you’d want from the elusive artist – it’s essentially a synth-heavy electro-pop compendium; no features, but that has never mattered with Khan. He’s seemingly crafted a sub-genre all to himself over the years, and whilst ‘Youth‘ may have been the focus of post-3am sonics at the launch of his career four years back, this 15-track project brings Ben’s sound straight into supporting an entire evening.

Sure it’s going to be tricky to pinpoint anything that’s going to be ‘more radio-friendly’, but that’s not the point here – the frantic ‘monsoon daydream’ (we’re all lower-case with this album btw) is striking on its own accord, whilst ‘waterfall’ is the head-nodder that’d perfectly support any comedown or Sunday hangover.

Khan’s debut may not set the sales-charts alight (unfortunately), but streaming numbers should help to keep it to the forefront for many. We’d absolutely recommend giving this one a go – listen below: