Kölsch has teamed up with Tiga for their new collaborative effort ‘HAL’, released via Kölsch’s new label IPSO.

Made up of a thunderous build, and rasping chord patterns, ‘HAL’ precedes the pair’s B2B set at OFFSonar this summer, with Kölsch also scheduled to play a primetime headline set at Belgium’s Tomorrowland.

“After being friends for years, myself and Kolsch decided to take the next logical step in our relationship and make a few tracks together.” said Tiga, with Kölsch adding “HAL is both a reference to the Computer in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey, and short for Hallelujah. … The track sits firmly between Rave and Religion, and has been a staple in my sets, since we made it.”

Grab a listen below: