Maribou State have announced their first taste of new music since 2015’s breakthrough ‘Portraits’, returning from hibernation with ‘Turnmills’.

Stunning from the offset, ‘Turnmills’ adds a further groove into the duo’s tracks of bygone – there’s some potent, subtle lyrics sporadically thrown in, but the masterwork has to be around the addictive baseline that runs throughout. This is truly gorgeous!

Written as a homage to the famed London club of the same name, Maribou State’s Liam says “Turnmills was where we first experienced electronic music in a club setting. It’s a totally different and transformative listening experience and that communal spirit, atmosphere and feeling has inspired the way we’ve made music… Clubs are such important hubs for music discovery, especially of songs that you might have overlooked in a different setting. Partly through the feeling in the room and also through the memories attached to the records you hear.”

“We wrote ‘Turnmills’ the day after a Dama Dama label party at the East London club Shapes” continues the band’s Chris, adding “The vibe of the night brought back memories of our formative clubbing experiences and that energy ended up being channeled straight back into the studio the next day.”

Listen and immerse yourself with ‘Turnmills’, below:



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