No sooner had teaser posters started to appear up and down the country, The 1975 have now reignited their social media, sharing what seems to be lyrics from their upcoming project ‘Music For Cars’.

Pictured in a similar style, look and feel to the posters shared online yesterday, the lyrics bring light to ‘Don’t You Mind’, the phrase appearing as a constant in ‘Me’, lifted off their third EP also titled ‘Music For Cars’.

Whatever’s going on, it’s time to get excited. In the meantime read the lyrics below:

“Welcome welcome boys and girls into a more distracted world.
Comprised of all the things you knew but older now (that’s me and you).
The things inside post – ‘Don’t You Mind’ reflect upon a recent time.
Where you and I were both online and part of a collective mind.
And still are we online you see that with much more consultancy.
In groups we search ironically to find a self identity embracing femininity sceptics of affinity.
Maybe neither actually.
Deleting all civility.
And fearing most prominently.
But that has happened obviously if you look retrospectively.
But that’s my point.
That hindsight there.
It’s captured our collective stare a constant daze at bygone days seduced by programmed time delays.
Inside our phones our need has grown for inside there we’re not alone.
You see it’s not all doom and gloom just sanctify “Outside Your Room”.
It’s easy when you’re made aware a more authentic capture stare.
And something else to celebrate the fact that we can stay up late and share and care and make aware some stranger who is over there.
And change and mould and rights some wrongs whilst streaming all our favourite songs.
The left and right grow more apart but you can just click ‘add to cart'”.