Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s Tim Bettinson has hooked up with Atlanta’s Raury for the soothing ‘Vixen’.

The track, which sees the two artists reconnect following 2014’s ‘Superfly’, is both soothing and experimental in its output, and leads the charge for a busy 2018 which has already seen VSC return with ‘Closure’ and last month’s ‘Ayahuasca’.

Explaining the Raury tie-up, Bettison says “Raury was playing in my hometown Brisbane w A$AP Rocky, and one night after his show we crept into my little bedroom studio in my family’s house at 2am and started recording what turned into Vixen. The whole thing happened super organically & we tracked almost everything in the first take or two! It’s a lighter vibe that gives our take on the confusing nature of young love”.

Listen below:


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